Outhouse (short film)

Deep in the dark stretches of the wilderness lies a place where fears are made. For countless years an outhouse has held a terrifying secret. Something with an appetite for unsuspecting hikers. It lives... it waits... and it's hungry. What horrors await in the OUTHOUSE?  Available on VHS and DVD here


Home Video Xpress VHS intro

From the rental shelf to the internet. This is our love letter to the video label intros from the good ol' days. There's few better feelings than sliding a tape into a VCR, and hearing the music (or lightning) kick in from a video company's opening title before the previews. So here's the HVX intro in all its static-y (staticky?) glory.


Demo Reel

Here's a quick look at some of the commercial productions we've been involved in. A little of this, a little of that.


AT&T Back to School

This video was produced as a web promotion for AT&T Wireless. We asked people to share their memories of life before cell phones and how technology has changed communication.


West-Ward Pharmaceuticals promotional video

This promotional video was filmed and edited by Spectrum Video for The BDC for their client West-Ward Pharmaceuticals. This video highlights the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and showcases West-Ward's NJ facilities.